Rooter Solutions is the San Diego sewer line repair company you can trust to fix a clogged, cracked, or broken sewer line. Whether traditional drain cleaning hasn’t resolved buildup or water/sewage backup problems or your sewer line needs to be replaced, our team can be there to resolve any issues you are having. Our sewer plumbing services are available throughout San Diego County.

Various methods are used to detect problem areas and repair or replace sewer lines. Video inspections enable us to examine pipes from the inside to see the problem firsthand. This lets us see the type of damage and how severe it is, so we can take the next steps. If a replacement is necessary, we employ trenchless sewer replacement techniques that don’t involve digging up your yard, saving time and money.

sewer pipes on top of the ground laying over dirt

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Normal wear and tear can affect sewer lines like any other pipe. Temperature extremes and freeze/thaw cycles can weaken pipes and eventually cause them to break. Other factors that can lead to damage include corrosion, shifting soil, and intrusion by tree roots growing toward sources of water. Common substances such as grease put down drains can build up and cause a blockage. If the wrong materials or improper installation methods were used in the first place, you might not notice problems right away, but your sewer line will not last as long as it should.

Call Rooter Solutions San Diego, The Honest Plumbers

No matter the nature of the problem or its cause, we employ the tools and techniques to find and fix it. We can make any type of repair and, if necessary, replace a damaged sewer line quickly and effectively. Our knowledgeable technicians will also explain how to avoid future issues and provide advice on the most beneficial service to resolve the problem at hand. To learn more and receive a free consultation, contact our Rooter Solutions San Diego sewer line repair company at 619-870-6000.