Let Rooter Solutions, The Honest Plumber, Fix Your Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets can cause rust and damage to your plumbing over time. Left untreated, rust damage from leaks can become so bad that your faucet stops working entirely!

Leaky Faucets: Symptoms of Bigger Problems?

In many cases, a leaking faucet is a sign of larger underlying problems. While some faucets are simply defective from manufacturing, leaking faucets often indicate a pre-existing rust problem.

Since rust usually starts inside metal pipes, it can be hard to detect through observation alone. As rust builds up over time, it gradually damages joints and fixtures, causing small leaks. Once the rust spreads to your faucet, it causes leaks by slowly destroying valves and joints.

If the rust is only in the faucet, then all you’ll need is a simple faucet replacement. However, you’ll still want a plumber to make sure that the rest of your plumbing is rust-free!

Our Leaky Faucet Repair Services

Keep your faucet free of leaks and rust with our complete range of faucet solutions. Our expert technicians are trained to repair and replace nearly every type of faucet, including:

  • Compression faucets
  • Ball faucets
  • Disc faucets
  • Cartridge faucets

All of our services come with a free consultation and an upfront written estimate—plus the exceptional service we’re known for.

The Honest Plumber Is Here to Help

Don’t let your leaky faucet drip another day! Our highly trained plumbing technicians are here to help both residential and commercial customers throughout the San Diego area.

For any size faucet job, call 619-870-6000 to speak with our team and receive a free written estimate.

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