Commercial Sewer Inspection, Repair, and Replacement in San Diego

All Types of Damage Fixed—Quickly

Sewer line problems can severely disrupt your business. But you can depend on Rooter Solutions to unclog drains and repair, clean, or replace a sewer line. Locally owned and operated, we serve clients throughout San Diego, and employ trained technicians who can quickly fix any problem. We can help whether you’re dealing with backed up toilets or sinks, moist floors, or a basement flood.

Our plumbers have the training, experience, and tools to address any issue, whether it requires basic maintenance or emergency service. Using state-of-the-art methods, such as video sewer inspection, San Diego commercial property owners can rest assured we’ll efficiently find and correct problems, including:

  • Cracked, punctured, collapsed, or otherwise broken pipes
  • Blockages caused by grease or solid foreign objects
  • Buildup and deterioration caused by corrosion
  • Sunken sections of pipe where debris and waste collect
  • Decayed, broken pipe joints that are the source of leaks
  • Invasive tree or shrub roots that clog pipes
  • Poorly manufactured pipes that deteriorated/corroded

Trust Us for Sewer Repair in San Diego County

Whether it is offset joints, blockages, root intrusion, off-grade pipes, corrosion, or complete pipe collapse, Rooter Solutions can take care of the problem. Sewer plumbing issues can severely affect your business and the service it provides. The consequences can range from a lack of water to potentially devastating pipe breaks that leave your facility flooded and dealing with expensive water damage.

Repairing and maintaining pipes are now easier than they’ve ever been. Wear and tear have a greater effect on commercial sewer lines, which are also more prone to becoming blocked or clogged. Nonetheless, it’s possible to reduce the risk with regular maintenance. Sewer leaks can be hard to find, yet leaking, flowing, or standing water can do significant property damage and lead to mold.

Die tests can be used to find the source of leaking water, but our technicians have an ever more effective method—sewer video inspection. By running high-resolution video cameras through your lines, we can precisely see where the problem is. With a direct look at the issue and its location, we can then move forward with fixing it.

And when major repairs are needed, no digging is required. Nor is there much disruption to your business because we do not dig up parking lots or landscapes. Trenchless sewer repair is a process by which we drill into select locations to access the sewer line and repair the damaged section of pipe from the inside. It is a faster, more affordable process that leaves your business fully operational.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection or Repair Today

Rooter Solutions provides commercial sewer inspection and repair services throughout San Diego County. Each job begins with a free on-site inspection. Contact us for immediate service and to quickly address your sewer line issues and maintenance needs. We can be reached at (619) 870-6000 to schedule an appointment or discuss our services and financing options.

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