Commercial Pipe Repair and Replacement in San Diego

Every commercial facility is reliant on the function of their plumbing. Commercial pipe serves a variety of systems, including toilets, commercial dishwashers, and removing wastewater. Even a minor pipe problem can be detrimental to business. Fortunately, Rooter Solutions can provide immediate repairs and commercial pipe replacement, if necessary, in San Diego.

If you experience any of the following problems, contact us right away. We’ll provide fast, permanent, and affordable repairs to restore your plumbing service and daily routine.

Common pipe problems that affect commercial facilities include:

  • Corrosion/Erosion: Acidic or oxygenated water, mineral deposits, high water temperatures, and age can lead to corrosion. Galvanize steel or cast-iron pipe, installed before 1980, is most susceptible. Eventually, pipe materials erode, allowing dirt, gravel, and even tree roots to infiltrate.
  • Shifting Soil: Southern California’s weather variability, ranging from severe drought to sporadic heavy rainstorms, can cause the soil to shift, putting pressure on pipes. The shrinking and expansion of soil around pipes can cause them to dislocate, crack, or totally collapse.
  • Heavy Rain: The rainfall itself can cause trouble for commercial pipe, especially if the sump pump leads directly to the sewer line. Excess water from heavy rainfall or melted snow can create high water pressure that causes irreparable pipe damage.
  • Grease Build-Up: Pouring grease down drains doesn’t mean it goes away. The grease quickly cools and hardens, slowly accumulating on pipe walls until there’s a complete blockage. Common chemicals used to address the issue can corrode pipe and cause more damage.
  • Blockage: There are many sources of blockage. They include debris, sanitary products flushed down a toilet, and tree roots. Moisture, nutrients, and oxygen are plentiful in underground pipes, and roots are attracted to them all. Growing roots easily penetrate cracks and any pipe made of cast iron, clay, or porous material.

Signs of Commercial Pipe Trouble

At Rooter Solutions, we employ different methods to repair and replace commercial pipe. Our San Diego plumbing technicians use drain cleaning methods such as hydro-jetting, which clears clogged pipes with high-pressure streams of water. Video camera inspection helps us quickly pinpoint issues in water and sewer lines. When you need commercial pipe replacement, we employ non-invasive pipe lining and trenchless pipe repair methods that minimize disruption to businesses in San Diego County and surrounding areas.

To schedule an appointment, obtain a free estimate, or learn more about our financing, contact Rooter Solutions at (619) 870-6000 or send us a message online today!

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