Backflow prevention is an important function of a commercial plumbing system. If sewer water backs up, it is unsanitary and can trigger illnesses and other health issues. Sewage should never mix with fresh water. At Rooter Solutions San Diego, we offer inspections and can repair and replace your backflow prevention system if necessary.


What Is Backflow?

A drop in water pressure disrupts the normal flow in a plumbing system. When it drops enough, the backflow of raw sewage can result. A backflow preventer protects freshwater supplies by blocking the backward flow of pipe contents during a pressure drop. A commercial backflow inspection can ensure your commercial plumbing system is working normally and that pipe contents are flowing in the right direction.

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Backflow Preventer Installation

Our team of professional plumbers has the tools and expertise to install backflow devices in newly constructed buildings and upgrade existing plumbing systems. Backflow preventers can be installed along with upgraded plumbing lines. If your commercial plumbing system doesn’t have a backflow device, allow our licensed technicians to install one per your property’s needs and the most current regulations in your area.

Backflow Prevention and Inspection Service

Commercial property owners are legally required to install backflow prevention systems at specific locations. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposes strict guidelines on water suppliers in terms of water purity, various regulations apply to property owners as well. Commercial facilities are required to have the proper equipment installed by licensed professionals, in the right locations, and have them inspected to verify correct placement and function.

Backflow preventer inspection and testing are generally required on an annual basis. Any device that isn’t functioning as designed must be replaced. By law, inspection and testing services must be done annually on the date the system was installed, but this isn’t the only time you need the system inspected. Whenever a backflow device is repaired or replaced, regulatory guidelines require a thorough inspection thereafter.

Backflow Preventer Replacement

One reason inspections are so important is that backflow devices tend to wear out. Professional replacement ensures every step of the process goes smoothly. The skilled plumbers at Rooter Solutions San Diego offer full-service solutions that cover your equipment repair and replacement needs. They fix any backflow device failure quickly to avoid contamination by raw sewage and other hazardous materials.

A detailed inspection reveals any problems with your device. You can trust our plumbing technicians to suggest whether to replace your backflow prevention system or recommend any repairs that can restore your current system’s function. The decision to repair or replace it depends on many factors, including age, the type of problem, and the requirements of your commercial business. Whatever the case, we will consider the best interests of your employees, customers, and clients.

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